Monday, October 18, 2010

Tips for Rock Painting.

1) The rocks which are smooth are good for painting.The rocks which are tumbled in water such as in a river , creek ,streams,beaches and lakes are the easiest to paint.You can also use chunky rocks and pieces of field stone as long as the sides are not too rough.

2)  Always scrub your rocks before painting.Paint won't stick to a dirty rock.

3)  Never let paint dry on your brushes.

4)  You will need plastic plate or paper plate to mix the colours.

5)  Pour paint in little about the size of your thumbnail.Big  dry up before you can use them.

6)  Wear old clothes and push up your sleeves when you paint.

7)  Spread newspaper over your work area.You can wipe your brush and make test strokes on it.Also slow down a spill if you tip over your water.

8) If you make a mistake ,just wipe off the paint before it dries or let it dry and then paint over it.

9) If your painted rocks will be just for decoration indoors ,the kind of paint you use doesn't matter. If your rocks are going to be used outside then you should use outdoor acrylic paint.

10) You can use acrylic floor wax for making the rocks shiny.

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