Friday, November 19, 2010

Felt Mask

This is super simple to do and you probably have most of the supplies in your craft closet. My girl had a fun  making it.

Materials Needed:-

* Felt
* Scissors
* Thin  Elastic
* Needle and Thread
* Hole Punch
* Decorating items (Optional)

 How to make:- 

1) First draw out a pattern or print pattern whatever you want and test for a size on your child.
2) Then draw the pattern on the felt . Then cut out the shape.
3) Now cut the eye holes out.
4) Sew elastic in place on one side, adjust length to suit the desired head size, and sew the other side in a similar manner.
Or Simply punch holes on each side with hole punch .Adjust length of elastic to suit the desired head size and then from both the holes pass the elastic and tie the knot tightly.
5) If you want you can also decorate it with beads ,glitter or stickers etc.
Your easy felt mask is ready.

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