Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rock Burger ~ Rock Painting

You can paint rocks to look like lots of different kinds of food. My daughter with little help of me made burger for her picnic table.My daughter enjoyed a lot painting the rock.This project is a good project for all age levels and the kids can feel really good about and use their imaginations to play with .We took this idea from the book "Painting on rocks for kids by Lin Wellford "

Materials Needed:-

Palette or Paper Plate
Paint of your Choice
Small Cup
White colored pencil
White Dimensional Paint (Optional)

How to Paint:-

1) Find a burger shaped rock. They can be big or small as you wish,but rock fits into your hand is perfect.Scrub the rock clean and let it dry.

2) Draw the bun lines:- Draw a line all around the rock, a little bit over the center.Make another line below the first line,leaving enough space for burger patty and toppings.

3) Paint the Pattie or meat :- Use your large or medium brush and brown paint to paint the meat or pattie,keeping the top and bottom edges as smooth and level as you can. Let the paint dry.

4) Mix Paint for the bun:- Use your brush to mix two drops of yellow ,one drop of white and one half drops of orange.Put a small brown on your palette and pick up a little on the tip of your brush. Add it to mix. Add touches of brown and white until the mixture is the colour of a bun.

5) Paint the bun :- Use your brush to cover the entire top half of the bun with the bun colour. when you are finished dont rinse your brush ,but use to mix the next colour.

6) Paint a tan ring and the bottom tan:- The bun should be lighter just above the meat. Mix a drop of two of white the paint left on your brush ot make a tan.Paint a narrow ring just above the meat.Use a dry brush to soften the edge where the two colors meet.paint hte bottom bun this tan colour too.

7)Add the fillings:-Use a white pencil to sketch half round tomato slice, cheese triangles ,ruffled edge of lettuce.

8) Paint a base coat for filling:- To help the fillings stand out, use brush with yellow to paint all the shapes you
just sketched.Leave a narrow ring of brown paint showing along the tops of the fillings.Make sure edge of the
lettuce looks wavy.

9)Paint the cheese , tomato and lettuce :- Use red paint to paint tomato slices and yellow paint to paint cheese
triangles.Paint lettuce leaves with pale green colour.( yellow + white + green).

10)Dot the top of the bun:- Use smallest brush and brown paint to paint small dark dots over the top of the
bun.Don't put any around sides.

11) Add sesame seeds:- You can paint the seeds with white paint or with white dimensional paint .Touch the tip of the bottle just off the center of each brown spot then lift up sideways.A rim of brown should show on one side.When; all seeds are painted let it dry for an hour.


  1. Such a fun idea! I'll have to find some rocks now!

  2. I have so much rocks around my house .-) We bring them home from everywhere and do little story stones of them,and now you gave my a new idea :-)


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