Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers are just so easy to make that they are a perfect decoration for any gift or event.

Materials Needed:-

Tissue papers
pipe cleaners


1) For each flower you will need a stack of 8 sheets of tissue paper. You can use different colors.
2) Take your stack and fold it accordion style, into 1 inch folds. You can make different sized flowers by changing the size of the tissue paper squares and the amount of layers of paper you start with.

Accordion Style Folding

3) Twist a pipe cleaner around the center to keep paper together..
4) Gently pull apart the paper on each flower layer by layer, and fluff the paper upwards to create the flower’s shape.
5) You can try rounding out the edges or cutting diagonally to create pointy edges with your scissors before you form the flowers to create different petal shapes.
Attach your finished flowers onto your gift box or arrange them on tables or in vases.

This tissue paper flowers goes to Artsy-Craftsy February

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