Monday, May 2, 2011

Easy Mothers Day Card / Easy Mothers Day Craft

Mother's Day will be here soon and you can quickly and easily make something for your mom.If you are a Dad, preschool teacher, or a School teacher looking for a simple craft that mom will love, try this out. My daughter made this greeting cards for me last year on Mother's Day in her School.

What you'll need:

    * Print out of poem or hand print poem
    * Water based paints - finger paints or tempera paints or acrylic paints.
    * Plate or something to hold the paint.
    * Brush or sponge to apply paint to hand.
    * Markers
    * Paper towels or some other way to do a quick cleanup

How to make it:

Here's the poem for you to copy or to print.

      Sometimes you get discouraged
      Because I am so small
      And always leave my fingerprints
      On furniture and walls

      But every day I'm growing --
      I'll be grown some day
      And all those tiny hand prints
      Will surely fade away

      So here's a little hand print
      Just so you can recall
      Exactly how my fingers looked
      When I was very small

      Put a date here
      Love, put name here

         written by T. Lambert, Jr.

What to do:

   1. Cover the table with newspaper where kids are going to paint..
   2. Have the children paint the palm of their hand with one color then press hand on the constuction paper .
   3. Keep it aside for drying.
   4. Clean the hand with paper towel or wash your hand.
   5. Print the poem or write the poem with marker inside the card.
   6. Personalize with the date and name (if it isn't already).
   7. Let it dry completely.
  8. Gift it to your Mother on Mother's Day.

You can have the child write " Happy Mothers Day"  and " I Love you Mom"on the front of the card and decorate it with pictures or colours using their creativity. Once mom reads the poem and sees the handprint she might just shed a few tears, the poem is quite touching and it is true how quickly children grow up.

Make sure that you put the date on the card and possibly the child's age at the time. That way when mom looks back through her cards she will know how long ago it was given to her and just how little that hand print was.

Happy Mothers Day !!!


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