Friday, October 14, 2011

Simple Rangoli Designs

           Rangoli is the art of drawing images and motifs using different color powders.It has been a tradition to draw Rangoli on the festivals and other auspicious occasions as it is considered a holy ritual. But there is a unique relationship between the festival of Diwali and drawing rangoli.

         Many of the designs are geometric and proportioned. The common rangoli themes are the celestial symbols such as the rising sun, moon, stars, zodiac signs, holy symbols like Om, Shree ,Swastika, Chakra, a lighted Deepak, trident,Kalash, lotus etc. Goddess Lakshmi in the lotus symbolizes the figure of renewed life.

        Other popular themes are images like flowers, creepers, trees, fish, elephants,holy cow,horses, birds like eagles ,peacocks ,swans ,parrots,  dancing figures, human figures and geometrical figures such as circles, semi-circles, triangles, squares and rectangles etc..These geometrical patterns must be formed in a continuous, unbroken lines.

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