Monday, November 29, 2010

Colors Mixing

Primary paint colors:-

Red, blue and yellow are called primary colors.Unlike secondary, tertiary and quaternary colors, primary paint colors cannot be "made" by mixing.These 3 colors give origin to the rest of the colors.

Secondary Paint colors :-

A secondary colors a color made by mixing two primary colors together: red and yellow to get orange, yellow and blue to get green, or red and blue to get purple. The secondary color depends on the proportion in which you mix the two primaries. For example, if you add more red than yellow, you get a reddish orange, and if you add more yellow than red, you get a yellowish orange.

You only need a few colours of paint to be able to mix a wide range of other colours.If you are going to buy some paints,here is a suggestion of basic colors to get.

Vermilion red + Yellow = Orange

Vermilion red + Blue = Brown

Blue + red = Purple

Crimson red + blue  = Purple

Burnt umber + blue = Black

Lemon Yellow + blue = Green

Yellow Ochre + Red = Earthy colours such as Brown and Terracotta

To mix a light grey ,mix blue with white ,then add a tiny amount of yellow and vermilion.

Mixing Greens:-

You don't  need to buy green colour because you can easily use other colors to mix different greens.

 1) Mix together a liitle yellow with blue to make a bright green colour.

2) Then add ,different amounts of red. See how many different greens you can make.

Mixing Skin colours:-

1) Find a picture of faces in magzines.Cut a square from each one .Glue them onto paper.

2) Add some red paint to white ,then little yellow and blue until you have got good match.

3) Cut out half a face from a magazine and glue it onto the paper.Paint the other half matching the colours.

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