Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Origami Cat in a Hat


1) Take a square 6" x 6" piece of paper.
2) Fold and crease it along the diagonal.
3) The fold the left corner on top of the right, and crease the fold.
4) Now unfold the triangle so it lays flat again.  Then fold each corner upwards to make the ears.
5) Now fold the top corner over towards you.
6) Now flip the cat over.
7) Now draw eyes, a nose and whiskers on the front with a marker or pen.


1) First take a square paper.
2) Now fold your paper in half, below left.  The fold the top corners towards the middle as shown in the above picture. 
3) Crease the folds so that the piece lays almost flat.  The take the bottom edge of the paper and fold it upwards.
4) Flip the piece over and fold the other edge upwards. Origami hat is ready!
5) Stick it with glue on origami cat .
Cat in a Hat is ready!

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