Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fancy Dress Ideas

When it comes to a fancy dress competition for childern it is entertaining and fun.The only way to win it is by being innovative and creative. But then a fancy dress is not only about a competition; it could be a general party theme. Maybe a party thrown at home, as part of a theme at school or for the  Halloween. It is all about having fun and yet bringing out the creative genius in you.
Fancy dress ideas could be taken from history books,or it can be a character of your favorite movie or television serial or characters from the fairy tales ,cartoon characters,animals etc.
  But to think of something different, probably you could dress them up as an object, or create your own new character that could make a difference to the present world situation.
            A few fancy dress ideas for Fancy Dress /Halloween for kids include Sponge Bob Square pants, Carly Shay from iCarly, Hannah Montana, Buzz Light year, Woody, Dora the Explorer, Harry Potter, Barbie, Transformers, Indiana Jones ,Pirates,Mickey Mouse ,Tinkerbell, Cinderella,Snow White etc.
 They can be dressed up as objects like NewsPaper,Book,Pencil,Cell phone etc.

 My daughter dressed up as Goddess Fairy for Halloween Party in School

My Best Friends Son dressed up as a krishna for Janmashtami

This is reaching Artsy-Craftsy-January-2011  "Fancy Dress"

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