Sunday, January 9, 2011

Silly bandz

The latest craze for kids now a days are silly bandz. You should have heard of them by now.Every kid is busy buying or trading the silly bandz. And my daughter is no exception.She came home from School One Day with 2 wrists full of plastic bracelets. They looked like rubber bands to me.Then she told me that they are called "Silly Bandz".Apparently these craze is found among all elementary and middle school kids nowadays. 
        Whenever we go to some shop with my daughter, she is making sure that we buy a packet of silly bands.After the collection, the kids trade the silly bands which they do not like or if they want some specific bands. Nowadays kids are very crazy for these and they carry them to school everyday.These cool rubber bands are multi-colored and they come in a hundreds of different shapes and colors like stars, fruit,alphabets,numbers,objects,princess ,hero's,fantasy,Holiday ,Western,sea creatures and animals etc. Some of them even glow in the dark. They are normally worn as bracelets.On a wrist, they function like a bracelet, and when taken off they revert to their original shape.They are often worn many at a time and are traded like other collectibles.They are really becoming a hot item among young kids today.These bands are cute, stylish and funky.Silly Bandz are cheaper than most toy crazes and you get at least 24 in a pack. You can buy them just about anywhere. They are sold at Dollar Tree, C VS, Walgreen's and even gas stations. They range in price depending on where you go from $1.00 to $6.00 per pack. They are usually sold right in front near  check out.

The above is some part of my daughters collection. She also trades bands with her friends in the apartment and school. Do your kids collect Silly Bandz?Or they are into any other funny fads?

I really wonder though how long this craze will last?

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