Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cereal Necklace

This Edible Cereal Necklace  can be a Great 100th day of school activity..It can also be a fun preschool party activity.This also makes a great activity for kids’ birthday parties.This cereal necklace activity is great to keep the kids engaged and entertained indoors when its cold and rainy days.

This is a great fun craft for kids to do.They can create a beautiful piece of jewelry that they can wear. When they want to have a little snack they can eat the cereals/ Cheerios off the necklace.

My daughter made this for her 100 th day of school activity.

What you need:

Fruit loops/ cheerios / Apple Jacks/or any other cereals with a hole in it like cheerios
Yarn or strings


Divide cereals in bowls. If multiple children are making necklaces, give every child their own dish of assorted ingredients to minimize squabbling.
Take the piece of yarn or string and cut it so that it is about sixteen inches long.
Take one of the pieces of cereals and fit it into the end of the yarn.
Then tie that one piece of cereal onto the end of the yarn . This is the end of the necklace and the one piece of cereal that is tied to the yarn will prevent all the other pieces of cereal from slipping off the yarn.
Let the kids put the cereal onto the string one piece at a time.
Once the  yarn is full of cereals you can tie the two ends of the necklace together and wear it.

Make sure the cereal and yarn or string you use is clean. You may also have your child wash their hands before they make the cereal or Cheerio necklace.

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