Friday, May 20, 2011

Flower Power ~ Rock Painting

 Materials Required:-

Large rock
Paints (Acrylic Paints or Teracotta Paints)
Paint Brushes
small Cups
Plastic Palette or Paper Plate
Colored pencil (White or Yellow)
Clear Acrylic spray


 1) Choose a rock :- Choose round or chunky rocks that will stand up on one flat end. Rocks which have smooth surfaces are the easiest to paint. When you have rock clean it and scrub it and let it dry.

2) Divide your rock:- Use a pencil to a line around the bottom third of your rock.Keep this line as level as possible otherwise your flower bowl will look uneven.

3) Paint the bowl :- Pick a colour for bowl.I painted it with light blue ( Blue + White).Use brush to paint the bowl all the way down to the bottom.Let the paint dry.

4) Paint the background:-Rinse your brush and mix green with enough black to make a very dark green . A dark colour behind the leaves and flowers will make them to stand out. Paint this colour from the top down to the bowl. Let the paint dry.

5) Draw the Leaves:- Use a white or yellow pencil to draw differnt size oval leaves.Start with a cluster at the top,then work down.Its ok to have irregular spaces between the leaves.

6) Paint the leaves:- Use a small brush to  paint the leaves at the very top of the rock. Paint some of the leaves with light green colour( green + yellow).

7) Detail the leaves:- Mix a little black with green to make dark green.Use skinny  brush to add a crease down the centre of all the dark green leaves.Use the plain green to paint the creases in the other leaves.
Use black paint to outline the places where the leaves overlap.

8) Draw the flower shapes:- When the paint is dry use a white or yellow  pencil to draw flowers in the centre and edges. Draw some flowers close together and others farther apart.Draw some buds also.

9) Paint the flowers:- Use your medium brush and white paint to fil in all the flowers shapes.Let it dry and paint the second coat if needed.

10) Add Petal Details:- An easy way to paint flowers is to paint curl in the middle of each flower with a small brush and red paint.Begin in the center each time.The spirals will look better if they are a little uneven or if there are small gaps in the lines.

11) Add Flower Buds:- Fill in any plain looking places with few flower buds. Mix pale pink by adding a touch of red to a drop of white.Use your brush to make a centre oval shape and add two smaller ovals one on each side.

12) Paint Bud Details:-Use your small brush with red paint to outline the inside edges of the two sides ovals,and one straight line up the center

13)  If you want to make your rock shiny then spray it with clear acrylic spray which also protects the paint..

Yor beautiful Flower Rock is ready :)

Source:- Painting on rocks for kids by Lin Wellford

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