Saturday, November 8, 2014

Three Leged Race

A three-legged race is a game of cooperation between partners . Teamwork  is needed to get this one right ! Kids will love being tied together with a friend .They  will enjoy the challenge of trying to walk and run together without falling. Ground should be flat. If grass is there its very good.It's a lot harder than it looks!

What you need: You need scarves or rope or big cloth.

How to play:
  1. Divide children into pairs.
  2. Each player must tie one of his or her legs with scarf or rope or big cloth to the other player's leg so that when they move, they move with three legs or they stand hip to hip or around the touching ankles.
  3. Put your arm around your partner's waist, and have your partner do the same.
  4. Put your untied leg behind to start the race.
  5.  At the starting signal , each pair should race from  the start line to the goal line or finish line.
  6.  The first pair to reach the Goal line or finish line is the winner.
  7. You can fall and get back up and continue the race.
What else you need to know to win:
  • Kids will want to pair up with adults in this game, but be careful. You are likely to fall during this race so if you do pair up with a kid, be sure to move slowly when the race is on.
  • Look for someone who is close to your height with a similar leg length.
  • Run, keeping your legs in synchronization.

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