Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sack Race ~ Outdoor Games for Kids

The sack race is a wonderful party  and picnic game that has been around forever. Playing this game is fun for kids. This game can be played by anyone small or big.The more people racing, the more fun it is.

Number of players:

You can have as many players as you have bags available.

What you need:

   Burlap sacks or pillow cases  or potato sacks for each individual participant.

What to do :-
    In a wide, open area, first setup the start line and finish line.
    Participants will run to the sack, put both feet in and begin hopping toward the finish line.
    Contestants must keep both feet in sack and hold the sack at all times.
    The sack must remain as close to the waist as possible and should not fall below the knees.
   The first person to cross the finish line is the winner of the race.

Variation :-
This can be made more complicated using cones to create an obstacle course.

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