Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Diya Decorations

Diwali is also called as "Deepavali".Deepavali means row of lights.Diwali is the festival of lights .Diwali involves the lighting of small clay lamps (diyas) or Deep filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil.Diyas are one of the most significant of Diwali decorations and are lit to worship the gods and goddesses. People light up their houses and shops.Beautiful colorful diyas or earthen lamps of all shapes and sizes are available in the markets during diwali time. . .These Diyas are used for decorating the entire home and premises during all the five days of diwali festival.The Diyas are filled with ghee or oil. They act as fuel for the diya and a wick, usually made of cotton, is adjusted in the diya.

Here are some tips to decorate Diyas /Deep / Deepak :-

1) Just get the plain earthen lamp diyas from the market and decorate them.
2) Make your diyas look more beautiful by coloring them with different colors.
3) Paint the ordinary diyas with acrylic colors or poster colors or terracotta colours.
4) You can also paint diyas with 3-D colours.
5) You can paint the diyas and when paint is wet that time only you can sprinkle some glitters.
6) Decorate diyas with some small decorative shells, beads, sequins, glass pieces, mirrors ,golden laces, zaris ,bindis ,glitters and stick them on the edge of the diyas.
So paint the Diyas and light them around your house. The diyas on which you have done your decorations look more beautiful and stunning as you light them up.

Here are the some diyas decorated for you. :-)

Decorated with beautiful stars and kundan flowers. My friends liked it very much.

Have painted these diyas with blue and white color . Have done simple tikali work on it.

Diya decorated with terracotta paint and glitters look very beautiful.

So try out and decorate your house this Diwali with beautiful homemade decorative diyas. :-)

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  1. Beautiful ones..this time I used pearl colours and glitter tubes..they also look very good and shining


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