Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Trick- or-Treat Bags

This Halloween craft is easy enough for kids to do by themselves . We will be making a unique trick or treat bag for the occasion. You can turn a shopping bag / birthday gift bag into an awesome trick or treat bag. Have fun.

Crafts Materials Needed:

Shopping or gift bag




Markers /Crayons


Halloween Stickers

Tracing Paper

Construction Paper


1) Purchase a shopping bag  / birthday gift bag that is one color from a shop. Orange makes a great color for a trick-or-treat bag. Choose the size you want.

2) Draw your own Halloween shapes. Try a haunted house, a skull, a pumpkin, a ghost or a witch.Colour it with markers or crayons.

3) Print out the Halloween template from online or draw your own Halloween shapes and trace the picture onto tracing paper with a pencil. Cut out the tracing paper.

4) Tape the tracing paper cutout onto a sheet of construction paper along the edge of the cutout. Carefully cut the picture out of the construction paper along the lines of the tracing paper.

5) Place the bag on a table. Put glue onto the back of your construction paper picture, and stick it on the bag. Stick the construction paper down on the bag.

6) Decorate your bag with glitter and Halloween stickers.

7) Let the glue dry on the bag before using.

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