Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pumpkin Painting ~ Halloween Crafts

Children love Pumpkin Painting . Painting pumpkins can be fun and creative.It can be great activity for kids in School at Halloween time.

Materials Needed:-

* Pumpkins, preferably mini or medium size
* Newspapers to lay across the table
* Paint and paint brushes (Crayola kids paint / Acrylic Paints
* Paper plate or Plastic Palate
* Colourful feathers
* Colourful Yarn pieces
* Scissors
* Craft Glue
* Glitters
* Small Cups
* Water


1. Cover the table with newspaper where kids are going to paint.
2. Place paint brushes, paint, small cups with water (for rinsing brushes) and a pumpkin at each spot.
3. Allow the childern to paint.
4. After painting allow the paint to dry.
5) you can decorate pumpkins with colourful feathers ,glitters ,ribbons or yarn etc.

Some fun pumpkin painting tips are:-

1) Children can paint a goofy or creepy faces or they could make hand prints all over the pumpkin. They could even mix colors and make a "tye-dye" pumpkin, and after the paint dries then add eyes and a mouth on it.Let the paint dry for few minutes.After that you can decorate pumpkins with gluing colourful feathers or yarn etc.

2) Stenciled Pumpkin Designs- Online hundreds of pumpkin template designs are available. Kids can use a stencil to trace a pattern on the pumpkin. They can use colored permanent markers to draw patterns.

3) Glitter Pumpkins- You can also cover your pumpkins with a coating of glitter. You can use craft glue that dries clear.Paint the entire pumpkin with glue. While the glue is wet, sprinkle your favorite colored glitter over the pumpkin. Let it dry for an hour and shake off the excess sprinkles.

4) You can also Try tracing and coloring in simple black silhouettes like bats, cats and spiders for more dramatic effect.

5) If displaying the pumpkins outside, be sure they sit beneath a covered area if washable paint was used.

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