Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fingerprint Flowers

Kids love to get messy, and allowing them to do so actually improves their motor skills and they will also have lot of fun.Allow kids to express their creativity with a finger-painting activity.My daughter made this beautiful flowers with her fingerprints.This idea can be used to make a beautiful greeting card also.

Materials needed:

construction paper ( We used white)
paints or ink pads
Newspapers to lay across the table
markers or crayons
Paper Plate or Plastic Palette
Small cup
Tissue paper


How to make your Fingerprint Flowers:

1) Cover the table with newspaper where kids are going to paint.
2) Take a tissue paper and small cup with water (for rinsing the hand).
3) The first thing is to take the light colored construction paper and a paper plate with a few colours on it.
4) Let them dab their fingers into the paint and then put fingerprints on the paper. We can also use washable ink pads to do this, instead of paints.
5) They can make fingerprint flowers by arranging four or five or six prints in a petal formation.
6) After the paint dried we can add some final touches with markers.With the markers children can draw some stems for flowers.

Your cute fingerprint flowers are ready.

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