Friday, December 10, 2010

Fingerprint Garden

 What to do on a cold and rainy days ? How to keep our kids busy ?Get your paints and ink pads and start finger printing! Create a garden with bugs,butterflies and flowers.My daughter enjoyed doing this.

Materials needed:

construction paper ( We used white)
paints or ink pads
Newspapers to lay across the table
markers or crayons
Paper Plate or Plastic Palette
Small cup
Tissue paper

How to make your Fingerprint Garden:

1) Cover the table with newspaper where kids are going to paint.
2) Take a tissue paper and small cup with water (for rinsing the hand).
3) The first thing is to take the light colored construction paper and a paper plate with a few colours on it.
4) Dab the thumb with the colours of your choice.
5) Print it on a construction paper as the butterfly's wings.
6) You also add in some flowers, leaves and the bees ,bugs  too with fingerprints.
7) Once it is all dried up ,draw some stripes and wings with markers to the bugs and bees.Draw antennas to the butterflies.
8) Draw few flowers also.Give final touch ups.
There is a  beautiful fingerprint garden with butterflies ,flowers,bugs and bees!

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