Friday, December 17, 2010

Milk Carton Ginger Bread House

If you are looking for an easy gingerbread house to make with kids,in the classroom or at home then a milk carton gingerbread house is perfect for you.Milk carton gingerbread houses are easy for kids to make and fun to put together.This  Christmas craft allows kids to be hands on and involved from the very first step- no waiting around for mom or dad to complete the complicated prep.As your child's imagination is stimulated, his motor skills will receive a boost!Yesterday my daughter's class was having Christmas Party. There they made and decorated this no-bake Ginger bread house.

Materials Needed:-

Milk Carton
Graham crackers
Frosting / Icing
assorted candies
Small candies
Gum drops
Red Hots
Candy canes
Pretzel Sticks
Mini Marshallows
Paper Plate
plastic knife
shredded coconut / coconut powder
News paper

How to build:-

# A few days before the activity, We rinse out the milk cartons and let them dry.Otherwise, a sour-milk will come out of milk carton.
# We used milk carton as the base of the house.
# First gather all needed materials and get organized before beginning to assemble milk carton gingerbread houses with your kids.
# Its best to have all of your candies ,pretzel sticks,cookies and gingerbread house decorations in individual
bowls or in a big paper plate separated each thing.
#If you are using homemade icing, prepare it ahead of time. Always cover homemade icing as it will dry out
# Cover the tables where kids are going to make ginger bread houses with newspapers.
# Place a milk carton on a paper plate.
# Smear Frosting onto the side of your milk carton, covering all 6 sides.
# Stick on the graham crackers across the angled tops of the cartons to make the roof and 4 sides to make the walls and press firmly to attach.
# Using the frosting as a glue have kids decorate the gingerbread house with candies.
# Use green candy as shrubbery for the front of your house.
# You should have variety of candies on hand to use to decorate gingerbread houses. Look for unique candies.
# Sprinkle coconut powder / Shredded coconut all around the house as snow.
Be creative !Use your imaginations.If desired create detailed designs.

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