Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rock House ~ Rock Painting

Rock House is really easy to make. They are fun to paint .Only thing is you should have rocks that have flat bottoms and flat fronts.Rocks with square tops also make good stores.Houses should have slanted or pointed tops.My daughter enjoyed painting this house.

Materials Needed:-

Palette or Paper Plate
Paint of Your Choice ( I used Acrylic Paints)
Cotton Swab (Optional)
Black marker

How to Paint:-

1) Pick a rock :- Rocks for buildings should have flat bottoms and flat fronts.Houses should have slanted or pointed tops.Scrub the rock clean.

2) Draw the design :- Use a pencil to sketch the door in the center of the rock.Draw square or rectangular windows on each side of the door so that the tops line up.Make a third window near the top.Draw two straight lines along the front,sides and the back for the roof.If Your rock is thick enough,add windows to the sides of the rock.

3) Paint the walls:- Your house may be any color you like.I painted the front,sides and back of  house with brown paint  leaving the doors , windows and roof unpainted.

4) Paint the roof :- Paint the roof but not the area under it , which is called the eaves.I painted my roof light green.
Other good color combinations are white walls with a dark green roof, light blue walls with a navy blue roof , yellow walls with a brown roof ,and red walls with a white roof.

5) Paint the windows:- Yellow windows make your house look cheerful and cozy.If your walls are yellow,paint the windows orange or a dark colour.Use your small brush and make the edges of the windows as straight as you can.

6) Paint the door :- Use a small brush and paint to neatly fill in the shape of the door ,keeping the edges smooth and straight. If there is a room ,add a doorstep below the door.

7) Paint the eaves:- Paint a yellow line under the roof for the eaves.

8) Add black outlines:- Use black paint and the skinny brush or a black marker to outline the door,windows ans doorstep.Make a cross in each window. Straight lines in the corners help make the house look square.

9) Paint Flowers:- Paint flower stems under each window with green colour.Let these lines dry and then add red flowers to the tops and middle of the stems.

Now your Rock House is Finished!

Source:- Painting on rocks for kids by Lin Wellford


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