Monday, January 10, 2011

Decorative Item / Wall Hanging

Materials Required:-

Thermacol Paper Plate
Colour Papers
Fevicol/ Glue
Any other decorative items (such as stickers ,Beads,sequins)
Punches (Fall leaves,stars,pumpkin)
Plastic Sheet


First apply fevicol to the paper plate and sprinkle golden glitter in the middle of the paper plate and red glitter on the corners of the plate.The paper plate should be fully covered with glitter.No space should be left.Let it dry completely for 2 hours.Tap off excess glitter after wards.

After it is completely dry decorate it with beads ,stickers ,sequins ,rhinestones etc.

I decorated it with fall leaves,pumpkin and stars.Punch out fall leaves,stars and pumpkin or buy already punched out leaves,stars and pumpkin  or card stock stickers. Glue them on paper plate decorated with glitter. Allow it to dry completely.(If you don't have punches then take colour papers and draw the designs using stencils and cut it out.)

Finally, cover the paper plate with plastic sheet so that the dirt doesn't accumulate on it.

It can be used as wall hangings or decorative item.


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